In northern Andrean Quechua, that means
Hello! How are you?

I don’t speak Quechua, but I did learn enough in the Peace Corps to say Hello! and How are you? and Who gave you that bread?

The thing about Quechua is that it’s not a written language. There is a way to represent phonetics, but there are no written texts to learn from – you have to talk with people to learn it.

But isn’t that the best way to figure something out? To go out, talk with people, learn about who they are, what they want, and how they do what they are trying to do?

The Peace Corps gave me a taste of this, but it was graduate study at Berkley's School of Information that solidified this passion and gave me the technical skills to apply that process to the design of technology.

I now get to talk with people and solve problems for a living, working with clients both big and small to help them understand the people they serve and to design human-centered products and experiences.