AdBag is a physical ad-targeting service. The process is simple: just put on AdBag and customize the data settings based on someone you see. AdBad will let you know which ad to deliver and how much the delivery pays. Every ad is unique, as is every person you encounter, so there is an infinite possibility of earning potential.

By materializing the algorithmically-driven processes behind current ad-targeting practices into a real-world, physical interaction, AdBag hopes to facilitate a conversation around data transparency and ethical usage.

The bag is constructed of canvas and acrylic sheeting, with an Adafruit Feather-powered system of electronics. This system converts data from dials, switches, and sliders into a suggested advertising identification number which is displayed on an LCD screen, along with a calculated value of delivery. The deliverer confirms delivery by pushing a big red button that also triggers a cash register sound and resets the system.


Academic Project


3 weeks


Arnold Yeung
Mechanical Engineer
Aura Barrera
Ad Design
Conner Hunihan
Video Production
Janaki Vivrekar
Bag Design
Julia Park
Bag Design

Personal Skills

Video Production