CalCentral: Final Exam Feature

The Final Exam Card was a feature designed and developed for UC Berkeley’s CalCentral dashboard. The feature was refined over two summers before launching in the fall of 2018.

The Final Exam feature lets students and professors know of any scheduling conflicts for the final exams of classes they are currently enrolled in. Previously, this information was not made aware until later in the semester, causing panic and frustration. In worst case scenarios, students would be forced to drop classes they have already mostly finished.




12 weeks


Conner Hunihan
UI/UX Designer
Tiffany Qi
UX Designer
Chara Bui
UX Designer

Personal Skills

Dashboard Design
Stakeholder Management

Service Blueprint for undergraduate enrollment

Students need to reference 11 different platforms to enroll, at a time in the year that is already extremely stressful.

"My friend got married and I couldn’t go because I didn’t know my final exam schedule….I didn’t have my final exam schedule until after school started, and by then, I couldn’t afford the flights"

– Current Senior

The existing process for finding final exam information

Burried behind two links and a hand-sorted chart of hundreds of courses, final exam information was not only indecypherable for students, most were completely unaware that exam schedules were even something that needed to be validated.

Suggested design: a Final Exam Schedule card

The card would alert students of possible conflicts the moment they enroll.

Primary obstacle: Class & exam information live in separate databases

As a result, no single department was responsible for this information. Designing this feature became as much an exercise in managing stakeholder concerns as it was in designing interfaces and user flows.

Solution: a temporally-dependent design

Designs were documented along a temporal axis – as the year progressed, the card would shift data sources to update.

The final feature, shipped fall 2018.