Catch Them Young

Catch Them Young is a rewards-based financial literacy program that scales with students as they grow. The program was created by a team participating in the Bank of the West LEAP program, and was refined through three iterations over a week-long engagement. The final deliverable consisted of marketing material and a high-fidelity mockup of a proof-of-concept dashboard.


Bank of the West


1 week


Conner Hunihan
UI/UX Designer

Personal Skills

Dashboard Design
Stakeholder Management

Three dashboards for three distinct user groups

The initial concept was based on an evolving dashboard that would grow in complexity with students' literacy.

Refining a single user group

Early prototypes helped stakeholders realize the criticality of presenting a single idea: contextualized financial literacy.

High fidelity mockup

The final dashboard highlights key program features: account overview, financial outlook, monitoring transactions, contests, and training.